"Deutscher Drucker" reports about FSD


Higher reliability of the production process by qualified staffs. After the certification in february 2009 the current issue of the journal “Deutscher Drucker” from 30.th April 2009 reports about us. The qualification “professional workers in printing industry” is the first one nationwide. We are happy about this article!

Certified Quality Management at the newspaper printing site in Mörfelden!


Beginning of April a certification audit for working according to Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001:2008) took place at the newspaper printing site in Mörfelden.

All of the areas on the audit have caused no reason for objection regarding the certification. Working on a standard basis is the result of systematic and process-oriented actions of executives and staff throughout the years. The documentation, which has been put together by the project team (Rainer Stockbauer and Vanessa Breunig) within about nine months, is accessible to every employee through the company’s own intranet system.