Hessischer Rundfunk was filming at our printing plant


„My days with you“ – that’s the title of the new movie of the „Hessischen Rundfunks“ (hr) – who’s currently filming in Frankfurt and neighborhood for it.

Our printing plant was selected for the final scene. A team of 35 people – including the actors Jördis Triebel und Michael Schenk – was filming a whole day in our converting range and at the goods receiving department. We’re looking forward to the movie.

Bild: Klaus Braungart Bild: Klaus Braungart

Quality workshop for customers


Quality improvement of images and advertisements were subject of our three workshops in February. The adaption between pre-press stage and print is of essential meaning for us. Therefore subjects like colour management, image editing in Photoshop, establishing and working with PDF-documents and advertisements were discussed. A total of 25 participants attended the workshops. Even though the level of quality of our customers is very high, some improvements were noted. The workshop was free of charge for clients of Societätsdruck and offered a welcoming exchange of know-how. As a result of positive feedback, we are sure to repeat it again.