New: Super Panorama and Spedia


Ads and editorial pages in a truly extra-wide format, namely 4 pages side by side, with a widhs up to 1.60 m (!) - that allows the new adhesive system at Societätsdruck.

The plant is in operation since early April. Furthermore, the system allows a bond of 8 pages in the ring or sticking an additional page, which will then be opened. Furthermore, the possibility of a spedia has been established. The pages of a newspaper book are created different widths. This can create interesting effects to enhance the readers attention.

The cost for the two special forms of advertising are relatively low.

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Upgrade in our printing plant Maisach


We upgraded one line in our mailroom in Maisach with a rollstream insering system from Ferag. This rollstream expands the capacity of the inserting machine from 7 up to 10 supplements. The reason for this upgrade is a new print job with over 100 supplement combinations of a advertising newspaper with a high circulation requirements.

The installation of the rollstream system took about 6 weeks. Before the module “regional inserting“ was installed. This module was a requirement to produce precise inserting changes from one to the other copy, even with small insert splits.

Since April we produce advertising newspapers in Maisach with up to 10 inserts.