Open house - visit our printing plant!

Open house - again this year! In coorperation with the newspapers Frankfurter Neue Presse and her regional editions we invite you to visit our printing plant. Get an idea of the process - how to produce a newspaper. You will see “flying” newspapers, the huge printing maschine and a lot more. Get in touch with some journalists and don’t hesitate to ask the things you always wanted to know about their work.

The coverband Helium 6 is playing the whole evening, while you can enjoy our drinks and snacks after the tour.

Friday, 30. September 2011 von 19.30 bis 23.00 Uhr in der Kurhessenstraße 4-6, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf The entry is free!


open door

New to the download area: pixel dimensions in the newspaper

To use for future grid spacing in newspaper printing of 120 lines per inch, a correspondingly high image resolution, we have prepared a table for guidance, you’ll find in our download area.

On the basis of the prepared format you can read your recommended image resolution, or make their own calculations. Check whether there is sufficient resolution of your present image data or the resolution of your digital camera to print large formats to high quality.