Changeover to CTP


We have taken the step form negative copy to CTP and ordered 6 KRAUSE LS Jet 300 lines.

The delivery includes, besides the platesetters, also six Krause plate processors BlueFin, whereby in proven combination platesetter and processor come from one supplier. The line is completed with punch and bending devices from Nela with extensive plate sorting automation at the press control.

With an hourly output of over 1,300 plates/h (Nordicformat at 1,270 dpi), the installation is one of the largest and high-performance in Europe and therefore copes with our demands for an according printing plate need at production peak times and for the multiple production for simultaneous plate loading of the 27 printing towers or 216 printing units of the KBA Commander rotation.

Quality management more comprehensive


We are working on an extended quality management system. The color management system, which was implented in 2002, will be complemented whithin the next months to reach a higher quality standard. We already applied for a certification of the quality management system. It will be accredited by TÜV Rheinland according to ISO 9001:2000 probably in spring 2009.