New winding technique is coming


VarioDisc is going – MultiDisc is coming. The building measures for the new winding technique just started. The new FERAG MultiDisc-system includes 8 rewinding-stations, 28 unwinding-stations and 600 disc carriers. After finishing the land reclamation we start to build the rewinding-stations in January 2009. Afterwards the successively exchange of each line takes place. The whole installation will be completed in spring 2010.

The new system ensures an interim storage of main products and pre-products while the rotation- or inserting-system is running at full speed. In addition to the interim storage, it is possible to continue processing the products. Rewinding-stations and unwinding-stations will consist of the same components. Due to the consolidated construction of the unwinding-stations, the overview at the inset-machine will increase. Furthermore, we will loose disturbing sources and sources of danger at the machines because of the elimination of moveable building panels in the new facility. All things considered, it is another improvement in our printing plant.

Training at Provadis


Altogether 68 staff members in 8 groups take part in a special training in the converting-range. The training for the first group started on monday, 20. October 2008 at Provadis. All of the colleagues will be skilled in the subjects mechanical engineering, pneumatic, electrical engineering, drive engineering, mechatronics. Afterwards they will transpose the theory to practice.