First professional workers in printing industry nationwide certified!


On 22nd January 2009 seven staff members received their certificates of professional industry workers of print finishing and paper converting”. For this reason the FSD is the first printing company nationwide that prefers to enable this qualification to older staff members. “We are working closely with the Provadis GmbH in Industriepark Höchst”, so Bianca Leinweber, head of basic and advanced training.

Departmental managers of FSD and Provadis developed a coordinated conception on FSD requirements to instruct the staff members in basics of mechanical engineering, pneumatic, electrical engineering, drive engineering and mechatronics. This qualification was only provided for the chemical industry so far. Provadis prepared the conception for our company – 180 hours advanced training – based on their experiences in this field.

Before the prospective professional workers could be skilled at the machines in the converting, they had to be trained in theory and practice at Provadis. “They will get a general survey in these technical areas”, reported Bianca Leinweber. For this, the seven staff members – with an average age of 37 years – had to go back to school again. “The requirements are not easy.”

This qualification was intended for the first and second machine operator, VDW-driver and logisticians in the newspaper finishing, who often have a foreign apprenticeship or skills outside of the subject area. It is a good possibility for them to get an accredited degree. “We are especially pleased about the decision of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC) to add this education in their catalogue of certificates”, highlighted the personnel manager, “the CIC appreciated this offer”. Due to this matter of fact a deputy of the CIC came to our printing plant just to distribute the certificates.

More than 60 staff members are supposed to be skilled – divided in 7 blocks – until 2011 to become professional industry workers too. The next training starts in February 2009. The personnel manager said: “This educational upgrading is conducive to improve the production reliability and production quality, safeguard jobs and opens up new vistas”.

Happiness about the new CIC-professional industry worker certificate: (from left): Bianca Leinweber (head of basic and advanced Training), Werner Kölbl, Norbert Taglipietra, Normann Wencek, Frank Peiffer (converting manager), Volker Hotop (technical director), Özgür Metiner, Uwe-Alfred Holtmann, Heinz Sommer and FSD-business-manager Burkhard Petzold.

CTP-installation completed


The installation of the computer-to-plate-system is successfully completed. We are pleased about the this innovative technology which is working frictionless. The provided 6 CTP-lines from Krause achieve up to 1200 plates per hour as total capacity.

CTP-Installation abgeschlossen