Fine - finer - 48 lpcm screen


Since January 2009 we use the finer 48 lpcm (120 lpi) screen ruling for nearly all products. That means we use a printing screen with 120 lines per inch instead of 100 lines per centimeter. Now we are able to print pictures more detailed because of this increased reproduction of 20 %. The screen structures, which are typical for newspapers, are not discernible any more from a normal viewing distance. The finer screen ruling is especially adjuvant for smaller images or printing on improved newsprint. For example: Persons in a group picture are much better recognizable or fine structures in textiles are pictured more plastically.

The advantage of a finer conventional screen in comparison to a frequency modulated screen is the more consistent stable production. We don’t have steps in vignettes or don’t have structures in plain technical screens, as it can happen in frequency modulated screens.

Positive accident analysis 2008


We are happy about the decrease of industrial accidents and down times in our company. The locations Frankfurt and Mörfelden as well as Maisach are counting less displayed working accidents and down times in 2008.

For example: The down times in Mörfelden came to 116 days, which is a reduction of 57 days in comparison to the previous year. The working accidents on the ways of business, objects or machines in rotary press and converting decreased over more than half of the numbers. We will follow this trend in 2009 again with our occupational safety conception.