During the planning stage for our print centre in Mörfelden, environmental protection was high up on our list of priorities. An example of this is our roof, which is covered with a variety of plants.

Each year since the end of the 90s we have drawn up an environmental performance evaluation. This has made us the benchmark for other large printshops. According to the German Printing and Media Industries Federation, in terms of energy and water consumption SOCIETÄTSDRUCK has been among Germany’s most environmentally-friendly printing operations for years.

The blue angel We have done a lot to this end, including introducing direct humidification in production areas. This saves energy. Enthalpy programmes in technical equipment optimise energy consumption for cooling presses and buildings. An elaborate building control system constantly monitors important parameters relevant to the environment using probes and sensors.

In recent years we have also heavily reduced our use of chemicals by optimising our presses and control mechanisms. This helps us to get the best out of our cleaners and our plate developer and dampening solution additive.

We focus on innovative concepts because we know that many small steps add up to great success for our environment. An example of this is that we use dry ice for cleaning presses.