ICC profile for newspaper printing. This colour management profile enables you to separate images which have been optimised for newspaper printing. Load the profile into your applications, such as Photoshop, and use it to convert to the CMYK process colours. The profile is based on the ISO 12647-3:2013 process standard, which Societätsdruck uses for its products.


Adobe PDF job options. These presettings for generating PDFs for applications, such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller, allow you to easily generate the right PDFs for data transmission. Our preferred PDF format is called PDF/X-3 and is optimised to suit the print.


Prepress specifications. The file contains a short summary of all the important information and parameters which are essential for newspaper production.

Prepress specifications.pdf

Page formats. In the file we have combined our page formats and image areas for the page formats we are able to produce. Nordic full format, or in tabloid version, all the important dimensions can be found here.


Click below for the different layouts in the newspaper sizes which are producible in our house (QuarkXpress and InDesign).



Guidelines for newspaper supplements. Supplements to be inserted into newspapers have to fulfil certain technical specifications. The bvdm (German Printing and Media Industries Federation) has drawn up technical guidelines for this. These will help you to produce the supplements so that they can be efficiently processed by us.


Pixel dimensions.To use for future grid spacing in newspaper printing of 120 lines per inch, a correspondingly high image resolution, we have prepared this table for guidance. On the basis of the prepared format you can read your recommended image resolution, or make their own calculations. Check here if the resolution of your present image data or the resolution of your digital camera is sufficient to print large format high quality.